About Us

My name is Charlotte and I started BaconFlavouredJam in January 2012 as a new year’s resolution. Back then it was just a blog to share my crafts and thoughts with you all. I then found that people were enjoying my ideas so much that they wanted to buy them from me and I grew a wide network on Twitter and Facebook to do so. After a complete revamp of the website from blog to online shop here we are!

One thing I know what you’re all thinking: ‘Where did the name come from?’. Yes it is slightly odd, but fun! When thinking of ideas for titles of my new blog this was the first and only one I thought of. It is simply a mish mash of mine and my partner’s surnames and I believe it fits this small, handmade business very well.

Inspiration for my products can come from anywhere. I could be walking down the road to the shop and see someone with a nice scarf that I want for myself or it could be someone sending me a picture from pinterest and wanting it recreated for their bouncing bundle of joy. A big influence on how I knit and crochet has come from my Nan. She has taught me everything I know and helps me when I get stuck on a project, I wouldn’t have been able to get here without her!

Since the website launched in June 2014 I have been awarded with the Promoting Women in Business and Queen Of Crochet awards which I am very honored and proud to receive. Most recently I was awarded the WOW women in business badge from the wonderful Jaqueline Gold!