Frequently Asked Questions

My friend has a lovely knitted cardigan for her baby that I can’t see on your website, can you make something similar for me?

Yes, of course! For more information see our ‘Bespoke Service’ offer on the home page.

My baby blanket has got a bit dirty, can I machine wash it to save me time?

Yes, of course! For the best options of caring for your garment see our Product Care page.

I want a specific colour hat to match my winter coat, is this possible?

We will always try our best with any product. If you email us a picture of the colour you want once you’ve made your order we can get as close to it a possible.

Do you attend any craft markets?

Yes, we do. We hold stalls at craft markets local to the Crawley, West Sussex and Maldon, Essex areas. We will always post a message here, on our facebook page and tweet when we have a planned market. We would love to see you there! Alternatively, if you think there is one we should be attending, let us know!

I am having problems with the website

If you are experiencing any of these problems: adding products to cart, viewing pages or products, completing payment, 404 page error.

Please email: [email protected]

Can’t find the right answer?

Fill in our Contact form where you can ask us questions direct!